Thursday, 13 October 2011

Caramel Apple Baby Pie, oh my!

So I had a bunch of apples lying around that needed to get used - these particular apples were acquired from a day on the farm at a U-Pick, so I hated to waste!
The trees that we picked from weren't labelled so I have no idea what type they, but from a bite I could tell they were somewhat firm and tart - probably perfect for stewing or pie!
Since I am meant to be loosing baby weight (the specific number of pounds not to be mentioned), and since every good cook has to taste what they create, I was hesitant to spend the day baking up a storm...but... the house was cold today and the oven does do a good job of warming it up....

So I decided to not let those apples spoil in vein and put them to good caramel apple crumble pie, and because I had some leftovers, an apple, pear and raspberry crumble too. Not sure who will eat them, but I'm sure someone won't be able to resist!
This was my only goal of the day, to use apples. However, lately Oscar has been stealing every moment of my day for his own, just like any precious 3 month old should. I am finding it challenging to accomplish anything through the day, it seems as though for every 5 minutes I get something done around the house or for myself, I have to entertain/feed/change my baby for 30..or longer.. and I know this is my job, my responsibility, and I am sure it will become easier with time, but it is quite the juggle to raise a baby human and play homemaker - successfully.

They say life will never be the same again - and I believe them!

Stay tuned for the recipe...

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  1. I am so on board whenever you need someone to watch Oscar for a few extra productive minutes! I'm also quite happy to help find a home for all that crumble :)