Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Otis & Clementine's

I have always had a passion for books - and magazines. I find myself hoarding them, not necessarily getting around to read many of them though, I just love to be surrounded by all of the words. I love knowing that all that knowledge, story and experience is just the flick of a page away.. Usually I prefer to read non-fiction, biographies and the classics - of late my baby has rejuvenated my interest in classic children's stories such as Wind in the Willows (with Rat and Toad and Badger and Mole) and anything by Beatrix Potter. 

I just have to wait for him now to grow old enough that he can appreciate them too! 
If you're not familiar with Wind in the Willow definitely check the original 1983 version on Youtube in 9 parts: 

The purpose of this post though, is to review a particular second-hand book store I visited for the first time today with my sisters. The name of the store is { Otis & Clementine's } and according to the website it is run by a local mum. It may have been the woman who we met, busying herself in the labyrinth of pine book shelves - quietly spoken but obviously passionate about the cute little store.
I knew before I arrived that this book store also offered coffee and treats, and thus looked forward to a stroll around with beverage in hand, however since we were only an hour away from closing we found what Java coffee was left was only luke-warm - and somewhat disappointing. One of my sisters did enjoy a moist oatcake though, all of the cafe's edibles are supplied by the ever popular White Sails Bakery - just down the road.

{Otis & Clementine's}

The well stocked store is pleasantly sprinkled with darling reading nooks complete with comfy chairs, for all of those moments when you just can't wait to get home.
There is a children's section too complete with play area and a great selection of books for all ages and reading levels.
Funny enough I seemed to have stumbled across a book that I read about earlier today on Facebook. Browsing the update about what books mums are currently reading, I saw someone was reading a book titled 'Wiped - life with a pint sized dictator' and thought it sounded like something I could relate to. Within minutes of looking around the store my eye was drawn to a book of the exact same title and immediately I knew it was fate. The book, by journalist Rebecca Eckler, tells the ups and downs of raising a baby - a brutally honest account of first-time motherhood. But I will follow up with a review once I have finished my read, depending on how and when I can find the time!
Browsing around I noticed the prices were fair, although many books I picked up, particularly the children's, were absent of price - which I found annoying. The store prefers that you pay with cash or debit over $5.00 so be considerate and definitely take the time to visit this quiet space, enjoying a coffee (come earlier in the day) and a sweet treat. With plenty of free parking, being pram accessible and having comfortable seating, I will be back for sure.
If you frequent the store, have visited before, or what to share your love of similar places around, please tell me what you think.....I love to support local entrepreneurs, especially our mompreneurs!

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