Monday, 3 October 2011

fIRST night baby-free!

Sitting across from each other tonight at our favourite wing dive (The Pogue), it felt weird to not be fussing over Oscar, armed with bottle and drool rag. This night had to happen sooner or later though, for our sanity - baby free date night + sleepover! Yes, tonight I get to sleep continuously for at least 8 hours!!

Today my baby is 3 months old and whoa how time has flown by. Having a mummy-coffee date with my friend Shawna and her baby Jude this afternoon really emphasized that. Holding cute little 1 month Jude took me back to those day that seem to be both so long ago and just yesterday, when Oscar was as fragile, light and tiny. Now I find he is becoming more baby and less infant with his long always moving a hundred miles an hour legs, ultra aware eyes and melt-you-heart smile.

But this is something every mum experiences... I am learning that most mums share the same experiences even though they sometimes feel so alone. This is why on top of trying to stay 'on top' of this blog, I am organising a Mummys Group to meet fortnightly. I am quite fortunate to know a few first time mums right now all with babies under a year, so I thought I would make the most of our maternity leaves and gather up the mother hens for some much deserved adult time and an opportunity to discuss our ever important role.

As I was leaving the Just Us! Cafe today via the pram-friendly ramp, I noticed a huge round  wooden table, probably able to comfortably seat 10 or so people and thought 'wow that would be a perfect meeting place for us mamas'. Of course being such a popular coffee spot I'd have to arrive early to make sure it was available. Apparently its a fav stomping ground for many Haligonians, although today was my first time - and the coffee was great (I had an iced cafe mocha) and the carrot cake, as I had heard, was pretty good - a huge square about 6 centimeters squared. Prices equivalent to Starbucks I'd say....a good review though!

Once I get the hang of this I am going to display my restaurant and cafe reviews..

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