Sunday, 2 October 2011

Now where do I begin....

I can’t believe I am finally getting around to beginning my blog. This is a project I have been dreaming up for years now, and it has only taken having a baby (and finding a moment not feeding, coddling or comforting my infant) to actually sit down and write.

Today is perfect writing weather too…as I sit on my couch, baby gently swaying in the swinging machine beside me, I can see the rain steadily coming down, pretty heavy droplets as if to say “Here Emma, here is the perfect moment to write…I have made it less than ideal outside for a park walk, or to garden or much of anything but to ponder about your life inside and then release your thoughts to the world”.

So here goes…. the aim of this blog is to have somewhere for my thoughts, opinions, experiences, dreams and fancies to lie. I have been in desperate need of a creative outlet to present my pictures and ideas to the world, to showcase my pride and joy (Oscar) and whinge about all the stupidity around me (and let me tell you there is a lot!).

Thank you for reading and please follow me along, I promise the ride to be all but dull. I finally have my virtual ‘Room of One’s Own’ (Virginia Woolf).


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